Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Living with diverse people.

I used to think that all people lives peacefully and in united in this planet till I faced the world, that when I realized things are not the same as I thought. I was born in a Christian family; I went to a Christian school and joined a Christian ministry here in Nairobi. All times, anywhere I did a Christians deeds. But when I joined a college I realized things are different. On my way to school I meet different kind of people, at my school also there are diverse students who come from different bbackground, have diverse beliefs and also from different religions. The only thing that I can say we have in common is focusing with education to have a better tomorrow. This is a goal everyone wants to achieve. Each day I meet new people and it’s when I decide to make friends or not.With my observation I can honestly say that socializing with non Christian is a risk. This is because they don’t believe what you believe; they don’t care whatever they do is right o or wrong. As long they see the light of the day and do anything they believe it’s bring pleasure to their lives. It’s not bad to socialize with such people but you should know there are high chances to influence you. There are many things considered as SIN in a Christian term, in outside spiritual world. These are things that harm people both spiritually and physically. Still we regard them as pleasure activities. Especially youth have gone astray from the direction of almighty. Examples, taking of alcohol, going to night club until morning, misuse of sex which is the leading sin in this modern world and some other activities which are regarded as minor but they are not. When we take close look at this action we can simply tell they don’t please the lord and the best thing we can do is to avoid them.I believe its work of us Christian to help this people change and to avoid being influenced by them. I know it’s very easy to find ourselves in their trap, especially from peer pressure. I can actually say that each day that I face in my life is a lesson to me, because it’s my responsibility to learn to deal with different people that I meet, to know which behavior to adopt and which to let go and to let them know what’s wrong is wrong. This is a challenge to all Christian.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Facing fear with a smile!

I strongly believe fear is a great barrier towards achievement. Many times we refuse to try certain things because we are afraid that people will talk. That is why you find a great number of people are poor. Not just because they are not able to improve their lives but because they are afraid to try.